Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Fresh New Start

Here I Am
For those who have followed me (you poor poor souls) from one site to another, I think I'm settling on Blogger for all the many amazing features it sports.  The Google integration is handy for me, the mobile posting will be great from the garden, and the overall customatization will allow me to really enrich things. 

I'm sorry Wordpress.  You were quite wonderful.  Google Sites...  Well, I'm not sure you ever knew who you were.  But dear Blogger, I think you have hope. 

Eventually, everything will be migrated here.  I have the domain registered through Yahoo from some strange reason.  Then I have a Google Apps account (who wants a email?).  Plus two different Google accounts.  Jeez, there needs to be an easier method to bring all of my Google life together. 

What Now
Muddygeek has been about reconciling my desire to live a more natural organic life outside with my love of gadgets and technology.  Sometimes it feels silly to be texting from the garden.  Then again, I don't think that people will transition to a greener more self sustainable life without being able to bring along their toys. 

I digress.  My focus is still to post about my struggles and decisions.  Maybe seek some advice while I'm at it.