Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Social Network?

Seriously, Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook to get back his ex girlfriend?  And I started this blog to impress my wife.

(Spoilers enclosed)

The back story to how Facebook was started isn't actually new to me.  I was familiar with the background prior to watching the movie or even reading the many articles on the movie.  So I wasn't sure what to expect exactly.  A bunch of nerdy boys hunched over computers with cans of Jolt littering the floors of their dorm rooms?  And perhaps a Mark embroiled in a lawsuit?

That's all "The Social Network" came down to.  Sure, the geeks were taking shots while programming and most of the characters were lit throughout the movie.  The movie also flipped between Zuckerberg in legal hearings and the story of how he got there.  Was there anything, perhaps, unexpected in this movie?  No, not at all.  At the same time, I was almost caught in the excitement of Facebook expanding out enrapturing college students everywhere.

I fondly remember my early days on Facebook.  I started college in 2004 and Facebook was just rolling out to more universities.  It worked like Zuckerberg wanted it to.  I got to check out my classmates as well as coordinate projects with them.

Ah yes, those were the good old days.  While I don't intend on this being a rant about Facebook, it is to a degree because that's what the movie is about.  Facebook went from useful to a marketplace for spam riddled games.  If someone has real work to do they will need to block virtually every game available.  Why?  Well, you must use Facebook or it doesn't bother you that you'll have 50 notifications about Cafe World or Mafia Wars when you login.  Originally, it wasn't about all that bloated crap.  It was about making connections.

The CFO did win, by the way.  It is about making money, not some cool experiment.  The ads are getting and are harder to block.  The games all try to sell you their imaginary cash for real currency.  I'm not criticizing a business for making money but the Facebook envisioned by Zuckerberg, according to the movie anyway, is not the one that current resides at

I've ranted and digressed enough.  Should you see this movie?  Sure, just like you should Pirates of the Silicon Valley (equally riveting, more hardware based than software).  Facebook has undeniably changed how we socialize.  Facebook will not last forever just like Apple and Microsoft won't last forever either.  Its still important to note their contributions to modern society.