Friday, December 20, 2013

Something Is A Fowl

I'll go ahead and admit in advance that I'll regret this... But I think I have to weigh in on a certain bearded man's words. 

Its become obvious that no one who has posted on either side of the issue has actually read the GQ magazine article. I suggest doing so first ( Have you read it? Great, let's get down to business.

1. This is NOT an attack on free speech. Phil Robertson has not been gagged or imprisoned. To that point, this is not China (or Nazi Germany or the USSR). Mr. Robertson is still free to speak his mind to anyone that'll listen and if you read the article like I asked, you'll realize that he will preach to anyone that listens.

2. This was a business decision for A&E. The networks are in the business of making money and controversy sells. You probably still remember Oprah eating a hamburger to make the beef producers happy. 

3. Noticed how I strung together China,Nazi Germany,and the USSR? I implied they all shared similar characteristics such as censorship. When Mr. Robertson strings together homosexuals with terrorists and bestiality practitioners, he too is implying that they are similar, specifically that they are sinful. I won't digress into his hypocrisy over choosing certain beliefs.

4. Free speech is not without consequences, even in a free society. By posting this, much in the same way Mr Robertson spoke to a reporter, I am opening myself to criticism and examination. If he cannot handle it, he doesn't need to air his views so publicly. 

5. Almost done... Regardless of personal views on homosexuality, it does not give anyone the right to attack a person for their sexual orientation. This doesn't mean you cannot disagree. You don't have to like gays anymore than you have to like redheads, Canadians, or people that eat black licorice. They are who they are.

6. Finally (!!) this can stop with you. People like Sarah Palin are going to throw gas on the fire. Don't encourage them. I'm not saying that the issue should be ignored. This is a prime time for the US to progress on marriage equality. But listening to the talking heads and faux celebrities beat their chests and beg for your attention won't help.