Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Reusing Feed Bags

My chickens go through about two bags of feed a week. That means I collect around a hundred bags a year. There's some recycling efforts available but I prefer to reuse when I can.

I've had an ongoing project converting an old dog house into a chicken coop. The roof is nearly flat so I didn't want to shingle it without any other protection. That's where the feed bags come in. They're water resistant so they should shed water well enough to work as an underlay.

My next project will be to try some feed bags for an archery target. Updates coming soon.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Getting Started With Fedora 20

This is my compiled list of commands to get a new Fedora installation working to my requirements.  This list will get you going with a some useful applications and the necessary codecs for watching and listening to media.

This guide is made for Fedora 20 aka Heisenbug 64 bit.  Most of these instructions will carry over to the 32 bit.  If you have not yet installed Fedora, go to the project site to download the ISO and learn more about it.