Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Barn Style Chicken Coop Door

After a lot of wear and tear on my original coop door, it was time to build a new door.

This is one of those times I should have taken build photos.  But...  I didn't.  So here's a picture of my barn style door.  Its just basic 1x4s and 1x6s.  The main part is 1x6s with 1x4 to create the proper width.  The front has more lumber for support.

On the left is another 1x6 to help hold and manage the hinges.  The rest is 1x4s.  I also put two cross members for added strength and rigidity.  Honestly, I think I could have skipped them but it won't hurt.  The majority of the screws are on the front but I added several from the back for additional strength.

I mounted it to the coop with two 2x4s.  I'll add one more 2x4 above the door later.  I'll also paint it red with white trim but I almost want to just seal it.

It was a very simple project.  I spent maybe two hours on it taking my time.  The lumber and screws came to about $25 at Menards.  I already had the other hardware but they would have added about $8.