Sunday, November 6, 2016

Censorship, Facebook Style

Rather unexpectedly, I was logged out of Facebook.  Upon logging in, I was greeted with this wonderful notification.  Facebook removed something I posted.  Odd, I thought.  I don't post anything obscene or degrading.  So here is my experience with Facebook.  The original post was satire.  It was in a reply to photos of Hitler and Trump before drinking water.  I posted Hitler and Trump with arms outstretched.  I am not a fan of Trump but I find it ridiculous making assumptions about candidates.  
I'll safely assume I made someone mad with the insinuation and thus the reason Hitler was flagged for nudity.  Fine.  Good reason to remove a photo.  The problem is that Facebook claimed to review it and didn't change anything.  Somewhere, somehow, I violated "Community Standards."  Apparently, thoughtful discourse as well as satire (as part of that conversation) is not allowed.  Its safe to say that the future of free speech will not be through Facebook.

For nudity?  Hitler was naked?!

The original post I replied to.

The Donald Trump picture I was comparing to.